Vintage Looking Music Player - Q-Mind/Color sensor/MP3 module (Robotics DIY Limited Edition)

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Music is a big part in our daily life. It is a language everybody can relate to and understand.
With technology’s development, we can access music much easier nowadays. 
This vintage record player looking robot is composed of Q-Mind, a Color sensor to receive the command, and the MP3 module to play the music, inside the MP3 module there is a chipset that can store the music that later will be played.
How does the color sensor work with the MP3 module?
Well, time to turn on this record-player and listen to some music.
We program the color sensor to read 3 colors: 

when reading Red, Play Music;

when reading Blue, Pause Music;

and Yellow means Next Song! 

Package contents : 

1 x Q-Mind

1 x Color Sensor 

1 x MP3 Module 

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