Scratch Coding Class: DIY a Smart Parking Robot with Q-scout
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Scratch Coding Class: DIY a Smart Parking Robot with Q-scout

We cracked the secret of the Smart Parking Lot! Driving is a privilege, it is the symbol of freedom. However, in many situations, parking is a nightmare.

Now with the development of technology, smart parking facilities have been deployed to improve parking conditions and have made it easier than before. Today we have built a mini parking lot to show you how it actually works.

This is our Robobloq Parking lot, and there are 3 tricks that made it smart.

Trick number 1: the digital tube. Our digital tube is the mathematician here, tells you how many slots have left inside of the parking lot, so it saves you the trouble to look for a parking space yourself.

Trick number 2: the Ultrasonic sensor that detects the car coming in or going out and then sends a signal to the digital tube to do the math and display the result.

Trick number 3: the servos, which automatically lift the bar gates upon receiving the “order” from the servos, which get the order from the ultrasonic sensor. Next time when you go through parking lots, remember these 3 tricks. Nothing really complicated about it right?

Now you can build your own mini modern city! We have so many cool projects in the making, remember to subscribe to learn more with us!

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