Q-Scout STEM Robot Toy for Kids Age 6+

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The sun is up and it’s a brand new day! 
The little Q-Scout is ready to explore the world, the only thing missing is You!
So join me and let's play! 
robot kit

Meet Q-Scout! 

He is a perfect STEAM toy and coolest gift for kids, comes with many metal blocks in the box.  And  then  kids  can  begin to build their own robot toy companion. Constructing and building things from scratch - that’s engineering right there! Kids can develop logical thinking ability and problem-solving skills while learning coding. 

Download the app before assembling, as it has the detailed instructions embedded in, and no hard copy is included in the package. It will connect easily and quickly to your Tablets/ Phones.

The remote control is simple and easy to use. It is ideal for teaching kids coding. Children can also create their own commands by simply adapting Scratch, dragging and dropping different commands in the App.

Watch Q-Scout respond in real-time.

Once a Scout, Always a Scout

 Robobloq App Interface  

coding toy       programming robot

Code it from all platform, the Robobloq App (iOS/Android) is a great place to train logical thinking for new coders.
For PC, The advanced Robobloq software could support (Windows/MacOS/Linux/Chrome).
Battery Requirements: 6 pcs AA batteries or li-ion-battery for Remote. Batteries are not included
The lithium battery can be bought via the Main menu - Accessories - Li-ion battery 

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