10 Best STEAM Toys for the Holiday Season
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10 Best STEAM Toys for the Holiday Season

As a parent, one of the most complicated decisions you can make during the holiday season is what to get your children. Should you go with a fun and exciting present? Or maybe something more educational and a bit more serious? Why not both? You might have heard of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) before, programs under this revolutionary curriculum encourage students of all ages to learn indispensable skills such as coding, programming, and design. There are tons of great toys out there that can provide your child with hours of entertainment and amazing educational content. Still a bit lost? Don’t worry! Here’s our helpful list of the best STEAM toys for the holiday season! 

10. Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Kids love playing video games, this toy allows them to learn the foundations of video game design and allows them to use their creativity to build their own video game levels. By using the Bloxels Builder App, kids can play the games that they designed.

9. Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids

Let’s face it, sometimes kids can be a bit stinky! This awesome DIY dino soap kit allows kids to make cool dinosaur soaps using 5 different molds. Time to clean up while learning about these amazing creatures that used to roam the earth!

8. Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science

Magnets, how do they work? Who knows?! Well, now you and your child can learn about magnets and their cool properties with this fun kit that includes over 30 magnetic games and experiments! 


7.  National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

Whether your child wants to learn more about geology or they simply want to “rock” (pardon the pun) some cool goggles, this kit is perfect for young scientific minds who aren’t afraid to get a little bit dirty. Break up the 10 different geodes that come in this kit to see what’s inside! 


6. 4M Potato Clock DIY Green Science Chemistry Engineering Lab

This product will surely drive your kids crazy as you amaze them when they create a battery that can power a clock from two ordinary potatoes! How does it work? Buy this potato clock kits and find out! Sadly, potatoes are not included, but everything else is in this fantastic kit. We wonder how many potatoes it would take to power a Robobloq robot? 


5.  YUM! Candy Making Science Kit

About 99.9999% of the time children should keep their science experiments out of their mouth, but this delicious candy making lab kit encourages just the opposite! Kids love candy, so why not allow them to learn some cool science skills while making tasty candy? That gives us an idea… edible Robobloq robots (patent pending). 

4.  Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids

For many years Crayola has put out quality products that are great for making art. This holiday season consider this awesome lab set for your children. Although a bit messy and probably shouldn’t be used around your Robobloq robots, this lab set allows kids to make different experiments such as making a volcano or a mini tornado!

3. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

This cool little microscope is perfect for younger kids! Able to magnify items up to 5 times, kids will be able to see the tiny things that surround us all. Additionally, this microscope is quite chatty and contains over 100 facts and quizzes. Maybe your child can use it to explore the microscopic parts that make up our Robobloq products?

2.LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle


1. Robobloq Qoopers (DIY 6 in 1 Robot) 

At one point or another, every child has wanted to have a robot friend. This amazing robot kit allows kids to build their own robot! With six different modes to choose from, the fun never ends with this great toy that allows kids to learn all the fundamental skills of STEAM education. 


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