Robobloq New Social Media Program
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Robobloq New Social Media Program

For all STEAM lovers 

Last week, Robobloq has launched a new Social Media Program -- STEAM Facts, an innovative social media campaign to engage with STEAM learners of all ages! We encourage you to follow our social media channels and share the content with all your friends and family! 

Let’s start with Facebook : 

Here are some highlights of the week: 

For our #ScienceMonday, we learned about babies and the fact that they have over 100 extra bones more than an adult! And we thought our #Robobloq products came with extra parts! 

robotic kit

On #TechnologyTuesday, we learned about the growing number of Internet users across the world. Remember! Our line of #Qobo robots helps even the youngest of students learn how to code! 

coding robot

#EngineeringWednesday was spent celebrating #NatureRocksDay, on which we learned about how an engineer in Japan designed the country’s bullet trains to be quieter based on the birds he saw while exploring nature! Take inspiration from the world around you and see what you can build with our QScout robots! 

This #ArtThursday we learned about the beginning of the Olympics and how art used to be an Olympic event! You may not be able to win an Olympic medal with your QScout designs, but to us all your creations are golden! 

Finally, on #MathFriday we learned about the interesting origin of the word hundred. Do we wonder where those extra 20 numbers went? Test your early learners’ arithmetic ability by using our #Qobo robot to add and subtract!

Thank you very much for being part of our inaugural STEAM education social media campaign week. We look forward to sharing with you many more amazing facts! In order to bring, STEAM education to your own home or classroom, please check out all our amazing products at

See you next week! 

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