Why Coding Learning is Necessary for Kids?
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Why Coding Learning is Necessary for Kids?

In the United States, 7 million children are already learning coding;

Japan announced that it will make coding mandatory in Elementary schools by 2020;

The UK had introduced regulations requiring children over 5 years to learn to code;

16 European countries have incorporated coding into the education system;

The compulsory subjects of education will be programmed in 2000, and children are required to learn coding from primary school.

What caused so many countries concerning about coding?

  • Coding improves competitiveness

In recent years, China has faced endless coding competitions in elementary and high schools, and being able to stand out in the competition is good for children’s future school selection and future education. Even if you win a certificate, it will help your child to develop self-confidence.

  • Seize the golden age of 6 to 12 years and develop logical thinking ability

According to educational cognition, the abstract logical thinking ability of children aged 6 to 12 have begun to form. This stage is the golden period for learning to code. Writing a program follows strict logic, but also requires continuous debugging and backtracking. After learning to code, children will unconsciously use programming thinking to think, learn to plan, arrange and check for gaps.

  • Cultivate attentiveness and focus and improve extra-linguistic performance

Because of the logic and rigor of programming, mistakes cannot be made. Children will also develop a habit of carefulness and concentration.

Many parents said that after their children learn to code, they do not need to worry about Math problems, they can quickly understand the meaning of the problems, and the error rate is greatly reduced. In the writing of Chinese and English, it is also more organized and meaningful.

From playing the game to designing game--Help quit game addiction

To solve game addiction, it is better to be guided than to be blocked. Instead of banning the game, let the children design the games themselves. After learning to code, many children said that making games is more advanced than playing games.

  • Using programming to solve practical problems and be the master of technology

After learning to code, 9 years of kids write a script, dubbed herself, and re-interpreted the story of the Three kingdoms; 10 years Susan made a “warm mom take medicine reminder” for sick mothers who needs medicine; 8 years Leo designed a “grocery picker” for grandparents.


In addition, coding can also cultivate children’s ability to imagine space, teamwork, artistic aesthetics, etc. In order for children to learn more about coding, time planing has also been enhanced.

In short, coding education for primary and middle school students is definitely beneficial and harmless. Whether it is a school or a parent, coding education should be valued.

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