Our Coding project to help you turn your home into a Smart home continues.

Today, we are going to build an automatic illuminating night light together. So what do we need to build it? First, you need an RGB sensor, To make it smart, you also need an RGB light module, And to make it more charming, you need to give it a face. So there you have it, we call it the guardian of the night.

Let’s see how it works. … The operating principle is when our PIR sensor detects an object with heat energy in motion, it will be triggered to send a signal to our RGB sensor, then the RGB module will be lit up. With a LED dot matrix screen, it also shows a facial expression, when it detects you, it will smile, and when you leave a certain range, such as going back to sleep, it will go to sleep too.

Like a real guardian protecting its owner. 

If you want to learn more about coding for beginners and robotics DIY, subscript to stay tuned!