Programming Education for the Children in the 21st Century
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Programming Education for the Children in the 21st Century

With the arrival of the artificial intelligent times, the computer application has deeply integrated into our daily life. Growing up in the smart times, children are surrounded by advanced digital technology and multiple network media. Programming education has also become an essential way for kid to gain a brain exercise and improve their logical thinking skills and problem solving skills in their lifetime.

Programming, in brief, is a way of communicating with a computer by using different programming languages. People can give any instructions to a computer in order to accomplish various desired functions, such as making new computer software, websites, games and applications.

Coding education has become much more important than before. Attributed to Donnie Ray Jones

Importance of Programming

Programming in the 21st century not only boosts the development of the information era, but also create many possibilities for individual’s growth.

By mastering the programming skills, you are capable to do many things in your future career development. The programming language like HTML or CSS code allows you to make your own website to start your personal blog or set up online business; the programming language like Java or C++ enables you to design your own software and even computer games.

Beyond that, an excellent programmer is usually well positioned for a considerable salary and plays an important part in the IT industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the demand for software developer in 2029 will be 22 percent higher than 2019, which was seen as the fastest growing occupation in the US economy.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, placed a high value on coding education. Attributed to iphonedigital.

More importantly, programming also provides learners a computation mind to achieve their life goal by applying their creativity and imagination into practise. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook points out that coding is as important as the second language and it “should be required in every public school in the world”. He also stresses that:“Creativity is the goal. Coding is just to allow that. Creativity is in the front seat; technology is in the backseat. It is sort of the blend with both of these that you can do such powerful things now.”

Therefore, thinking like a programmer is much important than be a programmer. Programming is just a tool for us to show our creativity and talents, but without programming learning in the first place, it would be difficult for us to discover our potentials, especially in a young age.

As a result, coding education for kids is not just a way for cultivating them to become a computer programmer, but is also a great opportunity for them to express themselves and visualize their imagination and creativity while playing.

Robobloq: Shape Children’s Future with Coding Education

However, the current coding education for kids hasn’t gained a comprehensive teaching in school and many parents couldn’t find a suitable way to teach their children about primary programming.

The American cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead once said that “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Therefore, instead of teaching the children what to learn, it is much more important to teach them how to learn. Robobloq aims to let children find and solve the problems proceeding from their interests so that they will form the habit of thinking and learning constantly by themselves.

Coding Express, an eye-friendly robot train with a clean and creative design.

To provide an early education on programming for children in different ages, Robobloq sets up a comprehensive education system to satisfy the learning needs of all children. For the children who first get in touch with the programming world, Robobloq lays emphasis on developing their interests and creativity while playing with the innovative education products like Qobo and Coding Express. They focus on improving children’s basic computation thinking by working on the knowledge of mathematics, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

For the children who are interested in a challenging and difficult level of coding study, Robobloq concentrates on motivating their initiative in solving problems independently through assembling the metal educational products like Qoopers, Q-scout. The robotic troop enables children to set their own coding instructions through the Scratch programming languages, so that they can continue having an advanced study about programming and bring their big ideas into reality.

Children use Scratch to have their basic learning of coding education. Attributed to ScratchEd Team.

In the process of coding study, the right programming language for children to learn is a matter of great concern. Scratch, developed by MIT, is a visual programming language that is designed to create interactive games, animations and stories for the children aged 3 and above. Scratch programming has cooperated with thousands of robotic products all over the world on account of its easy “drag and drop” operating mode and attractive interface.

Robobloq has enhanced the Scratch programming language by integrating it with an actual and touchable object such as a toy train, a robot pet or a metal robot car, letting children immerse in an interactive and fun coding study environment and find their own interests while playing.

To create an enjoyable and educational programming learning environment for the children worldwide, Robobloq has always dedicated to providing children with the most intelligent and innovative robotic products and shaping their bright future with coding education.

In short, be a positive thinker to achieve the impossibilities in our life. The future development of computer science and artificial intelligence needs more talents to show their wisdom and ability. Your first Robobloq’s toy could be a smart friend who brings you into the programming world, letting you run your rich imagination and boundless creativity wild in the world.

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