10 Reasons to Buy a Robobloq Robot This Holiday Season
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10 Reasons to Buy a Robobloq Robot This Holiday Season

Looking for an awesome STEAM Robot toy this holiday season? Whether you are a parent, guardian, or teacher, you may already know some of the benefits of a strong STEAM education in your child's life — after all, children with STEAM skills are literally the building blocks of our future! This holiday season Robobloq wants to ensure that your child is not only ready for the future but will be ready to shape it and lead it! That is why we want to present to you the 10 reasons to buy a Robobloq Robot this Holiday Season!

10. Learn Early!  Robobloq has products for learners as young as three years! 

It is never too early to start your child’s STEAM education. With Robobloq’s Qobo robot even the little ones can learn the principles of coding. Even better, Qobo’s unique card system allows young learners to learn coding and programming skills without the use of a screen! 

9.Endless Customization! Robobloq’s Arduino integration allows for amazing creations! 

As the base hardware of our Q-Scout, Qoopers, Q-Elephant, and Q-Dino robot, Arduino integration allows for nearly limitless combinations and creations. Want a robot that can react to temperature changes and play your favorite song — yup Robobloq robot kits allow you to do that!  

8.Awesome App! MyQode is an all-in-one platform that teaches coding skills and beyond! 

MyQode is an easy to use platform that allows students of all ages to learn coding skills at their own pace. This amazing app supports Scratch, Python, and C and will guide learners at each step of the way. 

7.Multiple Modes! Robobloq robot kits are much more than just a remote control vehicle!

The remote control, music, obstacle avoiding, and emotion modes that come in each Robobloq robot allow for hours of fun! Plus don’t forget that you can always add your own modes via coding and programming. What amazing things will your child think of? 

6.Awesome Accessories! The fun never ends! 

Already own a Robobloq robot kit? Well, did you know you can always add new sensors to customize your learning experience? From MP3 modules to temperature and humidity sensors there is always something new you can teach your Robobloq robot to do!  

5.Non-stop fun! Learning made awesome! 

At Robobloq we value the principles of STEAM education, but we also want your child to have an amazing time while learning. Our products chose not to compromise learning over fun and instead fully integrate your child’s curiosity and imagination at every step of the way. 

4.Awesome designs! Cool looking robots make for cool gifts! 

We all know that kids are always looking for the next cool toy. At Robobloq we understand that more than anyone else, that is why our robots are not only fun to play with and awesome learning tools, they also look great! Want to inspire your children to learn, why not give them the fearsome Q-Dino! Or perhaps they value the more beautiful things in life? Check out Q-Elephant, we challenge you to find a more elegant looking robot out there! 

3.High-Quality Materials! Learning is tough, our products are tougher! 

At Robobloq we understand that students are always on the go and that technology can be fragile. Luckily for you, our products are meant to last. Made only with high-quality materials, you don’t have to worry about our products falling apart in your hands.

2.Options for everyone! Robobloq has a robot for everyone — no matter their age! 

From our cute Qobo robot for young learners to our advanced Qoopers robot line, Robobloq has a robot for STEAM learners of any age! Whether this is your little inventor’s first robot or they are advanced learners, Robobloq products will challenge your child and help them develop programming, coding, design skills and much more! 

1.Affordable Price! An amazing investment in your child’s future + tons of hours of learning and fun! 

What are you waiting for? Robobloq robot kits are the gift to get your child during this holiday season. Want a toy that is cool, fun, and educational? Look no further than our amazing Robobloq robots! Remember when you dreamed of having a robot friend? Well, now is your chance to make that dream a reality! 

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