Color Sensor


1. Overview:
The color sensor is a full-color color sensor that includes a TAOS TCS4725RGB sensor chip and two white LEDs and level shifting circuits. It can detect purple, yellow, red, blue, green, and white colors within 10mm range. The color can also be used as a grayscale sensor to identify the color depth.

2. Specification:
a) Operating voltage: DC 5V
b) Detection angle: RGB 0-255
c) Detection distance: 0-10mm
d)Working temperature:-20°~85°
e)Working current:20mA
f) Size: 56 x 37 x 27 mm (length x width x height)

3. Features:
a) Support Arduino IDE programming, and provide runtime to simplify programming.
b) Support Robobloq graphical programming for all ages.
c) It is convenient to connect using RJ11 interface.

4. Color Sensor Project:

This vintage record player looking robot is composed of Q-scout, a color sensor to receive the command, and the MP3 module to play the music, inside the MP3 module there is a chipset that can store the music that later will be played.
How does the color sensor work with the MP3 module?
Time to turn on this record-player and listen to some music.

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