Ultrasonic Sensor


1. Overview:
The ultrasonic sensor is a module for detecting the distance between the obstacle in front and the module. It enables the robot to perceive the surrounding environment through the sonar-like bat. Through the control of the motor, the robot can automatically avoid obstacles.

2. Specification:
a) Operating voltage: DC 5V
b) Detection angle: ≤20°
c) Detection distance: 5-250cm
d) Size: 56 x 37 x 27 mm (length x width x height)

3. Features:
a) Support Arduino IDE programming, and provide runtime to simplify programming.
b) Support Robobloq graphical programming for all ages.
c) It is convenient to connect using RJ11 interface.


4. Ultrasonic Sensor Project: 

We used an autoionic sensor, and a servo to equipped our Q-scout, also with a LED dot matrix screen to make it more charismatic. When we get close to the ultrasonic sensor, it sends a signal to the servo, and then it triggers the motor to diver the servo to move to a certain degree to press out the hand sanitizer. Also, when you get close, Captain sanitizer will show a smiley face to welcome you, and then a Thanks note for cleaning your hands!

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