With the holiday season in full effect, we want to take this time to celebrate our families and to imagine what the future might look like! Use the hashtag #FutureFamily to engage with us in this social media campaign as we try to predict what the holidays may look like in the future and how robots and technology will change!

A long time ago, few people could have predicted robots being a reality and now that the technology has gotten better, they are quickly making their way into our homes. We predict that in the future every family will have a robot in their house! But why wait? This holiday season you can bring a robot of your own into your own home! 

Studies show that with each generation the IQ of the global population has increased! We predict a future where everyone will be very smart! How? STEAM education of course! As STEAM education makes its way into more and more schools, future generations will grow up coding and programming the same way that people today know how to read and write! Want to get a headstart on the future? Robobloq products to help your children have a successful future today! 

Everyday space agencies around the world are working on getting humans to travel outside our planet. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is working getting humans to Mars! Who knows? Maybe in the future we will be spending our holidays hanging out on other planets!

Trying to rush to the store to find the perfect present? Or driving on dangerous icy roads? In the future, all cars will be equipped with self-driving technology, allowing for families to spend more time together instead of being stuck behind the wheel! Already the technology that will make this possible can be found on many cars on the road and on our Robobloq robots!

This holiday season you can bring a bit of the future into your own home! Head on over to shop.robobloq.com to pick up an awesome Robobloq product!