Top Five Common Misconceptions about Programming Learning
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Top Five Common Misconceptions about Programming Learning

Why should Children learn to program if not going to be programmers?

Learn programming today is not to become a programmer or to prepare for the computer industry. It is more about learning programming thinking and developing abilities.

In fact, the focus of children's programming education and adult professional IT education is totally different. Not simply to use programming languages and develop programs, but to teach children to learn a new way of thinking.

Learning programming allows children to turn their ideas, methods, and methods for solving problems into a form like a computer to work step by step, complete a specific task.

In the process of learning programming, children can be trained to form efficient and meticulous logical thinking skills, which is called programming thinking. This way of thinking can not only enhance research and creativity, innovation but also improve children's concentration, self-discipline, and learning efficiency.

Programming is difficult, can children learn it?

Many parents may find programming difficult, and in their impression programming is made up of a set of boring and difficult to understand code.

In fact, children's programming is not about learning to write English code and developing programs but starting from graphical programming.


Scratch programming: Use the graphical block of the code statement to show the logical relationship at a glance. Children can learn programming by dragging the block!

As shown in the figure below, the blocks on the left correspond to the codes on the right.

After the child has a certain interest and foundation in programming, and then learn systematically, then he can start to learn code programming languages, such as Python and C ++.

Does learning programming for children affect your child's main lesson?

In fact, learning programming for children will not only affect the main course but will also be helpful for other disciplines.


Taking mathematics as an example, mathematics is composed of two important abilities, one is the ability to calculate, and the other is the ability to solve problems. Chinese children generally have powerful computing skills, but their problem-solving skills are usually insufficient.

This is because many children turn many complex calculations into smooth calculations that do not require calculation processes by rewriting or resolving problems. When solving problems, they are more rigid, and they lack language skills and logic in the general learning process. Training of thinking and computing skills. And this aspect of training is exactly what programming learning is the best.

In the process of programming learning, the child's comprehensive learning ability is improved through training, which will affect the learning of other disciplines, which will help improve the subject's ability in a certain sense.

Girls are not suitable for programming?

Some parents think that girls are less logical than boys and are not suitable for learning programming. They are more suitable for learning some talented interest classes, such as painting and dancing.

Frankly speaking, this is just a traditional opinion bias. Girls not only can learn well but also be good at programming. Now, there have been many successful cases that prove that girls can learn programming, such as:

Anvitha Vijay from Australia developed two apps when he was 9 years old and participated in the 2016 Global Apple Developers Conference.

Samara Mehta, an Indian from the United States, started to learn programming at the age of 6 and invented a programming board game at the age of 7. At the age of 10, she became a sought-after female programmer and CEO of a game company in Silicon Valley.

Karlie Kloss from the United States gave up a million-a-year job in 2015 to learn to program and successfully edited a drone that could transport cookies to another classroom. He also established a "Kodewithkarlie" scholarship in his own name, providing 21 American girls with a two-week coding learning opportunity every year.

These great women are declaring to the world with action: girls are equally good at programming.

Is kid programming just playing games?

Children's programming can be used to make small games and small programs. Many parents have misunderstandings about graphic programming. They think that programming is playing games. In fact, it is not. Programming can be used to make games and learn knowledge.

Now is a digital and data times, it is necessary to learn to program. In addition to being able to learn the knowledge in the subject, children can be given a deeper knowledge.

Is a Robobloq robot programmed?

The robot is a combination of software and hardware, which is based on bricks and mechanical construction, combined with programming control.

Its biggest feature is that the mechanical part of the hands-on construction is very complicated, involving deep mechanical principles, which are controlled by programming.


However, programming is only a part of a robot. It can be said to be a relatively simple part. You only need to judge the distance during programming, set the corresponding value, or call the sensor to run directly. The logic is very simple but the important core is to build with the hardware. section.

For example, mechanical knowledge, spatial thinking, imagination, creativity, aesthetics, etc., so Robobloq robots usually spend only about 10% of their time on programming.

But if you want to cultivate programming thinking and train your children's logic, programming is the core. If your goal is to let your children learn to program, learning programming through Robobloq robots is like reporting to a "graphic design" class and learning painting.

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