Q-Scout Starter Robot Building Kit- Arduino Coding & Graphical Programming (65pcs)

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Meet Q-Scout! Once a Scout, Always a Scout
Q-Scout is an entry-level robot building & coding kit. This cute robot has a 20-minute building time, along with a Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment. Featuring ultrasonic obstacle dodging and automatic line tracking, Q-scout is fun scientifically with expanding capabilities.

He is a  perfect STEAM toy and the coolest gift for kids comes with many metal blocks in the box.  And then kids can begin to build their own robot toy companion. Constructing and building things from scratch - that’s engineering right there! Kids can develop logical thinking ability and problem-solving skills while learning to code.

Metal robot building platform:

A real robot building experience with metal. This is a cost-friendly and easy-to-use robot building platform.

Classic sensor set:

Ultrasonic & line tracking sensors are scientifically fun and adequately programmable.

Arduino based & graphical programming:

The combination of Arduino and a Scratch 3.0 based graphical programming environment covers both entry-level and higher-class development needs with superior hardware compatibility.


The ever-growing list of sensors and electronic modules contribute to a complete robot building platform.

About Robobloq APP

Remote Control:

Starter kit, no requirement needed. Open and play, embedded buzzer for quick music composing; Smart line track.

Customized Applications:

Create your own APP; Customize widget to meet your special needs; Ultimate control of your own robots.


Drag-and-drop coding based on scratch. Develop attentiveness and determination, multi-subject involved for comprehensive ability enhancement, be ready for an era of AI.

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