2019 Best 6 in 1 Coding Robot toy Qoopers

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Hello, I'm the Coolest Qoopers. I am an advanced STEAM coding robot, and I have six brothers: 

No.1👉 Superior intelligence and leadership Alloy, he has won many battles! 

No.2👉 Proud Scorpion he has two sharp pliers

No.3👉 Knowledgeable Voyager, traveled around the world, he loves mother nature.

No.4👉 Hard-working Dozer, he can lift heavy things with its powerful grasping grippers

No.5👉 Brave Cavalier, he always comes up with amazing tactics.

No.6 👉Friendly Li'l Guardian, he protects our homeland.

Do you like them ? We believe you will love them!

Of course, not only 6 models to assemble, it's up to you. So, unleash your creativity.

Below are other play modes, it's amazing.

👣This coding toys are 100% compatible with all major Mechanical Building Block sets for creative building. It's a perfect tech toy if you want to build your own robot and explore endless learning activities. 

👣Maybe it's more expensive than the regular STEM toy you get at a chain store , but the product is of superb quality. You can spend quality time with your loved ones at home by assembling his favorite robot together!  
👣Product-wise, you can feel the workmanship in the product where it was made of color coated aluminum and plastic parts that will never harm your delicate hands. If you have experience with those poor quality STEM tools or electronics, you know what I mean. 

robotic toy

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robotic kit

🎅Code it from all platform, the Robobloq App (iOS/Android) is a great place to train logical thinking, especially for new coders. For PC, The advanced Robobloq software supports all system (Windows/macOS/Linux/Chrome).

🎅Battery Requirements: 6 pcs AA batteries or li-ion-battery for Remote. Batteries are not included

🎅Lithium battery can be bought via the Main menu - Accessories - Li-ion battery 

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