Holiday Season Fun- Meet the Robobloq Family!
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Holiday Season Fun- Meet the Robobloq Family!

Everyone knows that the holidays are the perfect time to get together with your loved ones! This holiday season our latest campaign is “All About Family!” Join us, as we share with you details about the members of our Robobloq robot family! And of course, we would love to get to know more about you and your family!

Over the years our Robobloq family has slowly continued to grow—and who knows, maybe the future will bring in new members?! But for now, we would like to introduce you to the current members of our family and hope that maybe one day they can be a part of yours! 

QScout is the perfect little robot for the adventurers in your life. This easy to build robot can be customized in all sorts of cool ways! Always ready to learn something new, QScout is the best robot buddy a child can have as they learn the basics of programming, coding, and design!  

Children have a nearly endless imagination, Qooper has nearly endless transforming abilities—together they are the perfect combination! Qooper is a curious robot always looking for the newest and coolest thing to do, a great companion for learners hoping to express and grow their creative potential! 

Qobo may look like a little snail without a lot of power, but this little robot is perfect for the youngest learners in your family! Easy to use and tons of fun to play with, Qobo allows young children as young as 3 years old to learn the basics of coding and programming—all without having to use a screen! Qobo is a revolutionary toy in STEAM education technology. This little robot snail allows young children to learn the principles of coding without the use of screens. By using the Qobo cards, children can program instructions and learn the basics of coding while having tons of fun!

Looking for a cool robot that will get your child interested in a STEAM education? Q-Dino is the perfect bot for you! This cool dinosaur robot will teach your child essential coding, programming, and design skills—all while having tons of fun with this amazing robot!

Q-Elephant is the perfect combination of beauty and brains! THis wonderfully designed STEAM robot toy allows children to learn the elements of design while growing their creativity and intellect! Who said technology couldn’t be pretty? 

This is our little robot family and we are so proud of them! We hope this holiday season you bring them into your home and make them a part of your own family! Head on over to to check out these products and more! And don’t forget to follow us on all our social media accounts for great content like this every day! 

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