Scratch Coding Class: DIY a Sanitizer Robot
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Scratch Coding Class: DIY a Sanitizer Robot

The purpose of this show is to bring robotics closer to our daily life, and to share knowledge about STEAM/ STEM.
With the epidemic situation going on around the world, we thought, why don’t with use what we have and what we know to build a robot to do something useful and fun!
That’s why, today, we are going to build an automatic sanitizer dispenser, using our very own Q-Scout and Robobloq’s sensors.
We used an autoionic sensor, and a servo to equipped our Q-scout, also with a LED dot matrix screen to make it more charismatic.
When we get close to the ultrasonic sensor, it sends a signal to the servo, and then it triggers the motor to diver the servo to move to a certain degree to press out the hand sanitizer.
Also, when you get close, Captain sanitizer will show a smiley face to welcome you, and then a Thanks note for cleaning your hands!
Captain approves!
And to program the robot, we are using Scratch on our MyQode Platform.
You can also program it with Python, on MyQode Platform, it is just one switch away.
Robotics and coding/programming shouldn't be so out of reach, subscribe to see and learn more interesting coding and robot DIY project!

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