Q-Tronics Sensor Package A -- Sound/Light/Temperature & Humidity/Color/PIR/Gyro/Line Tracking

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Q-Tronics Package A Contains: 

1 x Sound Sensor

1 x Light Sensor

1 x Temperature and Humidity Sensor

1 x Color Sensor

1 x PIR Sensor

1 x Gyroscope Sensor

1 x Line Tracking Sensor

 • Sound Sensor- The sound sensor is based on a microphone to detect the intensity of sound in the surrounding environment. It can be used to do some projects that interact with sounds, such as high-five robots. 


  • Light Sensor- The light sensor is developed based on the photoelectric effect principle of semiconductors. The main component of this sensor is a phototransistor and it can be used to detect the intensity of ambient light. Its electrical resistance decreases as the intensity of light increases. Via connecting in series with another resistor, the phototransistor will output divided voltage value of its own resistor, this whole process can convert the variable optical signal intensity into an alterable electrical signal value, then it will output it from the analog port.
It is usually used to produce interactive works that produce special effects as light intensity changes, such as smart table lamp robots and light tracking robots.

Watch How Light Sensor Is Applied in Projects: 


Temperature and humidity sensor - It is a sensor that contains the output of digital signal, it uses the specific technique of temperature and humidity sensing, to assure its high reliability and outstanding cyclic stability,  it detects temperature and humidity changes in the surrounding environment.   


•  The color sensor - It is a full-color color sensor, including a TAOS TCS4725RGB sensor chip and 2 white LEDs and level conversion circuit, which can accurately detect 6 colors: yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and white.
This sensor can also be used as a grayscale sensor to identify the grayscale of the color. 

Watch How Color Sensor Is Applied in Projects: 

 The PIR motion sensor is a module for detecting infrared radiation emitted by human or animal, and the maximum measurement distance is 6m, if someone moves within this range, the DO pin will output a valid signal and the blue LED on the board will be lit. This module transmits the value to the Qmind series main control board through the RJ11 cable and connects to the black interface on the mainboard.

Watch How PIR Sensor Is Applied in Projects: 


Gyroscope sensor - It is an ideal sensor for motion detection and posture detection. The sensor includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis angular velocity sensor and motion processor, as well as I2C interface communication. The sensor may apply on self-balance cars, 4-axis drones, robots, and mobile devices, it also has a wild range of motion detection, low power consumption, and another advantage. The sensors interface is a white color scale, which means it is I2C interface communication and it could connect to the Qmind series board for more interest cases of robot operating. 


•  The line follower - It can help the robot to track white lines or black lines (black lines on a white background or black lines on a white background can be detected). The module has two infrared sensors with low delay and can detect the status of ground lines in real-time.



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