Q-Tronics Sensor Package C- Digital Tube/Ultrasonic/Bluetooth/MP3/Temperature/RGB/Joystick

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This package contains: 

1 x Digital Tube Module;

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor;

1 x Bluetooth Dongle;

1 x MP3 Module ;

1 x Temperature Sensor (including temperature probe) ;

1 x RGB LED Module;

1 x Joystick Module;

  • The Digital Tube uses the 4 digits of negative electrode nixie light, it can show numbers and a few special characters. You can use this module in the robot projects to do timing(show speed, time, minutes, temperature, distance, etc) meanwhile, Robobloq will supply the easy-coding Arduino library, so users will control the digital display easily. 

 Watch How We Apply Digital Tube Module in Projects: 

  • The Ultrasonic Sensor is a module for detecting the distance between the obstacle in front and the module. It enables the robot to perceive the surrounding environment through the sonar-like bat. Through the control of the motor, the robot can automatically avoid obstacles. 

  Watch How We Apply Ultrasonic in Projects: 

  • Bluetooth dongle module connects your robot with Robobloq PC wirelessly (there is no requirement of USB wire during the process). The common Bluetooth adaptor is a USB dongle that is for transmitting the data; there also is serial port dongle; for special users, there is voice dongle, and so on; per different protocol of Bluetooth module, there are 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0. in the general case, the newer one will be compatible of older.


  • A small and inexpensive MP3 module with its own speaker. The module has its own built-in speaker, the main control board of Robobloq’s Qmind series, and can also be controlled through a serial port as a module of Arduino UNO or any single-chip microcomputer with a serial port. The module itself integrates MP3, WAV, WMA hard decoding. Meanwhile, the software supports TF card driver and FAT16 and FAT32 file system. Music can be played through the serial port instruction of MyQode, or with mobile phone through the Bluetooth. 

  Watch How We Apply MP3 Module in Projects: 

  • Robobloq's Temperature Probe, a new generation of microprocessor-adapted smart temperature sensors, converts temperature signals directly into serial digital signals for microcomputer processing. The use of strict welding and packaging technology improves the measurement accuracy, prolongs the service life. 


  • The Temperature Probe Adapter can act as an intermediary, connecting the temperature probe to the Qminds main control board, which can control the temperature probe module. 

  Watch How We Apply Temperature Probe and Adapter in Projects: 

  • RGB LED module contains four RGB LED color lights. Each LED can be red(R)、green(G)、blue(B) through numbers。RGB LED have integrated control chips inside, one signal cable can realize the independent full-color function. It has the feature of high brightness and adjustable, achieves the rainbow lights, meteor lights, etc. By using the RJ11 standard interface, it can connect to any black interface on the main board of Robobloq Robots, and show its name after connecting to PC.

 Watch How We Apply RGB Module in Projects: 

  • The Joystick Module contains a cross joystick, which can be used to control the Magic Rock robot and Scratch stage interactive games. This module will output the value representing the position on the x-axis and y-axis respectively for user-defined programming. This module transmits the value to the Qmind series main control board through the RJ11 cable and connects to the black interface on the mainboard. 


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