Q-Tronoics Sensor Package B - Flame/Mini Fan/Gas/Linear/ Microbit Shield/ Multi-touch/6 Ways Line-tracking

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This Package contains: 

1 x Flame Sensor

1 x Mini Fan Sensor

1 x Gas Sensor 

1 x Linear Sliding potentiometer 

1 x Microbit Shield 

1 x Multi-touch Sensor 

1 x 6 Ways Line Tracking Sensor 

Flame sensors can be used to detect fire or light sources in the wavelength range of 760 nm to 1100 nm. The detection angle can reach 60 degrees. When a flame is detected, its blue indicator will light up and output the intensity value of the flame from 0 to 1024. It can be applied to small safety monitoring items such as fire-fighting robots and flame alarms. This module could be connected to any black port on the Q-mind series motherboard through the RJ11 port, and the name of the inserted sensor can be viewed in the software.  

Note: The module circuit board cannot be used directly in the burning flame, the sensor can safely work at a certain distance from the flame. 


The mini fan module consists of 130 DC motor, fan blades, drive circuit, and red RJ11d port. Users can program and control the fan's rotation speed and direction in the Myqode software. This module transmits the value to the Qmind series main control board through the RJ11 cable. Note: the motherboard is connected to the orange color interface to function properly. You can use this module to build small applications such as fire-fighting robots and smart fans.


Gas sensors include MQ2 smoke sensors with good repeatability, long-term stability, short response time, and durable performance. It is commonly used as a gas leak monitoring device in homes and factories and is suitable for detecting liquefied natural gas (LNG), butane, propane, methane, ethanol, hydrogen, smoke, etc. It can be connected to the motherboard of the Robobloq Q-mind series for more case operations.  


The slider potentiometer module contains a sliding potentiometer with a maximum resistance of 10K. The potentiometer is a resistance element with three lead-out ends, and the resistance value can be adjusted by sliding the slide bar. It can be used to adjust the motor speed, LED brightness, etc. The interface of this module is in black color, indicating that it is an analog signal interface, which needs to be connected to the black-labeled interface on the motherboard. 


micro: bit is an entry-level development board designed by BBC for teen programming education. It supports the PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft, without the need to download an additional compiler, and can be used under Windows, macOS, IOS, Android and other operating systems.
In order to facilitate the wiring of the micro: bit development board, we specially designed this expansion board. All pins and power of the micro: bit development board have been led out to the pins on the side of the expansion board. 


The multi-touch sensor has many touch sensors which will detect the status when the points are touched, the lights will be on when touching the points. At the same time, you can use the alligator clip or the wire to extract the touching points from the sensors, For example, extract the touching points to the fruits, this will expand the utility of the sensors. 
The sensor will adjust the threshold value intellectually, it will reset the threshold value when turning off the electricity to make sure it will detect the touching action sensitively when connecting the points to the electrically conductive materials. For example, it will have an effect like the distance touching when the touching sensitive value is high. 


 Watch How Multi-touch Sensor Is Applied in Projects: 


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